Perfect Puppy Programme

Training is an important part of your dog’s life no matter what age they are. It is our responsibility as dog owners to show our pooches how to live in a human world. We share so much of our lives with our dogs and expect them to behave in a way that we want, to be socially accepted. Life is much easier and fun when going for walks, meeting people and other dogs with a well  trained doggy companion. Training your dog will strengthen your bond, build both your skills and is great fun!

I can help you communicate with your pup, understand their needs and teach them life skills. All training is positive and choice based learning. NO punishment methods are used or advised. Learning through games and play. Covid rules apply.


This course is provided in person at your home. We will work through 6 weekly training sessions, each session lasting up to an hour. These 1-2-1 sessions allow me to assess your puppy’s progress throughout the programme and make any adjustments to the course as required. You will also have access to recap videos on my website to support you between training sessions.


Training includes:

  • Communicating with your pup

  • Commands such as sit, down, stay

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Impulse control

  • Life skills

  • Enrichment ideas

  • How to socialise pup correctly

  • Games


Programme Includes:

  • 19 PDF puppy resources(hints, tips and puppy info)

  • The following e-books: Puppy Guide, Canine Enrichment, Brain Games

  • Numerous discount codes to big brands, online and local services

  • Re-cap videos to view in your own time to support your training(can be viewed by smart phone)

  • Certificate of completion

  • Free gift


If you are planning for your pups arrival or pup has just moved in, it is a good idea to allow pup 3 weeks to settle in to their new home and routine, before training begins. I’d recommend signing up to the programme as soon as pup is home, as this will give you my professional support anytime,  which includes toilet training, the importance of socialisation, how to deal with nipping, understanding your pups needs, suitable toys and games. Your training sessions can be booked in advance, which guarantees you a place in the programme.


6 week ,1-2-1 puppy training programme

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