Do you need someone to visit your pet when you are at work? Are you going away on holiday or business and need a trusted companion for them while you are gone?

Regardless of your needs I’m here to take care of your beloved pet.


Perhaps you are looking for assistance with your puppy's toilet training, or you have a dog that needs some basic obedience training.

Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and I can meet your furry friend.

  • Fully Insured

  • Pet First Aid Trained

  • DBS/CRB Checked

  • Pet Care Certificate

  • Dog Behaviour Certificate

  • Puppy Foundation Certificate

  • Practical Dog Trainer Instructor Certificate

  • Career as Dog Trainer Certificate

 Dog training provided from IMDT(Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)


Walk & Play Visits

More than just walkies

My experience over the years has helped me perfect my dog walking methods and techniques, so you can rest assured that your dog will receive the encouragement and attentiveness they need.​ My solo walks are ideal for confidence building, gaining focus through engagement games and dogs with mobility difficulties. My 1-2-1 care and attention will ensure your pooch receives the right enrichment, exercise and attention for their needs. This can include street walks for those dogs that love a slow walk with lots of sniffing, countryside walks for the more energetic dog, field hire for dogs that enjoy ball games and other toy based activities. All walks are 1-2-1, interactive and provide mental stimulation.

  • £12, 30 mins ( up to 3 days per week )

  • £10, 30 mins ( reduced charge for 4+ days per week)

  • £5, per additional dog from same house hold

  • Visit local dog friendly parks and walk ways

  • Own transport


Puppy Play&Train Visits

Socialization and Relief

Congratulations! on your new four-legged family member. This is an exciting time, however I understand you can’t be at home with your puppy 24/7, as we all have other responsibilities such as work, that keeps us away from home for long periods of time. This is a daunting time for any owner, but help is at hand.

I can provide regular puppy visits Monday to Friday. I recommend a mid-morning and mid-afternoon visit, to keep your puppy’s toilet training up to speed and to reduce any separation anxiety.

Once fully vaccinated I can have my own pooch join my visits and go on short walks with your puppy. This will help your puppy to socialise and build confidence with the outside world and other dogs.

I have a very handsome King Charles Cavalier called Barney who is a very friendly, confident and patient boy, perfect for chaperoning young pups.

It is important to understand that puppies’ joints can be damaged with too much exercise whilst they are still growing. It is recommended that puppies should not walk longer than 5 minutes per month old they are, up to twice a day (you can read more about puppy walking at Once your pup is 5-6 months old and no longer require as many toilet breaks you can consider my 30 min or 1 hour visit/walking services.

I aim to assist in nurturing a confident, well adjusted, social, happy and well-trained young dog, ready for the world.


Service includes but not limited to:

  • Feeding and water top up

  • Cleaning up toilet accidents

  • Toilet relief

  • Enrichment games and play

  • Basic training

  • Short walk

  • Pup-date videos and pics

  • £12 1 x 30min Puppy Play and Train Visit (Mon-Fri, up to 3 days per week)

  • £10 1 x 30min Puppy Play and Train Visit (Mon-Fri, reduced rate for 4+days per week)

Not sure of the right option for your pet? Get in touch to receive a personal consultation today.



Pet Sitting and House Sitting

One on One Time

Placing your beloved pet into a cattery, kennels or other unfamiliar place is very stressful for cats and dogs, so why not leave your best friend in the comfort of their own home, when you go away.


Cat Sitting

  • £10, One daily 30 minute visit

  • Feeding and cleaning

  • Daily Picture/video updates

  • Activity toys

  • Food timers where required

  • NEW: Kitty cam (on request)

House Sitting 

  • Ideal choice for Dogs and multiple pet house hold

  • 6pm - 8am house sit available

  • 24 hour house sit available

  • Feeding

  • Walking

  • Play time and cuddles

  • Update videos and pics

  • £30, per night Mon - Thu

  • £50, per night Fri - Sun